An intuitive homeopathic approach to healing the family

An intuitive homeopathic approach to healing the family

Meet Erin

Like so many who come to learn of unconventional methods for healing, my journey to become a healer began out of necessity. My son had begun exhibiting unusual symptoms that no doctor seemed to have answers or treatments for. As his condition worsened daily, I flew furiously into research mode and became so obsessed with finding his treatment, I forgot to take care of myself.

Many late nights and many doctors finally led me to answers and treatments that were successful. I saw my son’s health, as well as my own, improving. Though many treatments were utilized, the one constant for both of us was homeopathy.

I had learned so much about the remedies we had taken, but when the opportunity to take a class in homeopathy arose, I jumped at the chance to learn how to dose myself and my son with more certainty. Before the conclusion of that class, I had committed myself to a two year program to become a practicing homeopath.

For more than 15 years, I have dedicated myself to learning about health. I trained as a fitness instructor, studied the fundamental building blocks of nutrition, became involved with those who were advocating for healthy food production practices, served the Birth and Baby Resource Network, and wrote and published a book on the mental/emotional connection to weight loss.

Always a seeker of information, I created an online forum for parents who were searching for answers beyond the medical model to help our children. The initial group consisted of about 30 moms who would research all night long and present our findings, both through research and anecdotally, to each other. I am eternally grateful to the mothers who spent those long hours with me.

Now that my own son is greatly improved, I am dedicated to assisting others on their healing journey.

Listen to Erin as she shares more on homeopathy and how it works.

The Remedy Revolution Podcast

The Remedy Revolution is a podcast born from experience.

As an author in the health and fitness world, mother of a child with PANS, homeopath working with autism and complex conditions and survivor of Lyme, Erin has dedicated her personal and professional life to finding answers to the complexities of these challenges.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing that works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve your overall health. It is extremely safe to use, even with very small children and pets, has none of the side effects of many traditional medications, is very affordable, is made from natural substances, and is FDA regulated.

It is used to treat acute illnesses, like colds, ear infections, migraines, and sore throats, as well as assisting with chronic conditions, like asthma, depression, autism, and arthritis.

Homeopathic medicines – known as “remedies” – are made from natural sources (e.g., plants, minerals), and are environmentally friendly and cruelty free. Most are available over the counter in grocery stores, drug stores, health food stores, homeopathic pharmacies, and online. They are also extremely affordable. Homeopathic remedies when used as directed, are generally safe for everyone – including pregnant and nursing women, infants, children, and adults. They are given in such small doses that the side effects are nearly non-existent.

One thing to note is that the word homeopathy is not a general or “umbrella” term that describes a variety of different natural therapies. Although homeopathic remedies are derived from natural substances, homeopathy should not be confused with herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, or other types of natural medicines. It is its own, unique therapeutic system.


1 hour initial consult $350

1 hour long follow-up $200

30 minute follow-up $125

Remedies are not included in the appointment fees and will be purchased by you from a reliable dispensary that I will recommend. Homeopathic remedies are quite inexpensive and range from $4-$10 for a supply that should last for the duration of the recommended time frame.

FAQ / What to Expect

Homeopathy is a system that requires the homeopath to work as a bit of a detective. Remedies are chosen based on the entire picture of the person, rather than a set of physical symptoms. This is why you are encouraged to be thoughtful and thorough in your intake form. There are many details that may seem irrelevant, but are actually critical in the remedy selection process.

Many of the questions may feel personal or sensitive. For this reason, it is recommended you take virtual appointments in a quiet place where you feel free to discuss. For parents, this may mean having other arrangements for your children during your appointment.

If the child is willing, I would be happy to speak with them for a portion of the appointment. For those old or mature enough, a few minutes speaking with them alone is helpful, if it is acceptable to the parent. This is absolutely not expected and is a completely individual decision.

During the appointment, you may be asked to close your eyes and do a bit of meditative reflection. This allows me to ask questions that access some of the deeper emotions behind the physical or emotional pains you or your child is experiencing. It also allows me to take a more intuitive approach to my recommendations.

I welcome emails for any quick questions or follow up stories and will reply as quickly as possible (usually within 24-48 hours)

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